essential questions to ask before your export move

Check out this article by our project manager Shaleen about what questions young businesses should ask themselves before entering export phase: Essential Questions to Ask Before Your Export Move


Exportise Hiring Inside Sales Specialist

Exportise is growing yet again and currently hiring an Inside Sales Specialist.

You will be part of a dynamic inside sales team based in Dublin. You will join at an exciting time as part of a growing team in a young, energetic company that is currently experiencing rapid growth with a unique product offering.

Click here for the full job description: Inside Sales Specialist.


Exportise is expanding

Senior sales professional and experienced sales coach Ronan Kilroy has joined the team at Exportise.

In addition to running his own professional coaching consultancy, Ronan has significant B2B sales experience, both in Ireland and overseas, and previously collaborated with Exportise to develop and deliver export sales training for Enterprise Ireland’s “Excel and Export Selling” training programme.

As part of the Exportise team, Ronan’s sales expertise and knowledge will further augment our ability to help our current and future clients succeed in foreign markets. Welcome Ronan!


Horizon 2020 funding for high-potential SMEs

SMEs that are EU-based can apply for EU funding and support to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready for global market competition. With over €3 billion in funding available 2014-2020 through the “SME Instrument”, it’s definitely worth checking out:

However, nobody said it would be easy, as only 12% of applicants are currently meeting the criteria for commercialisation potential. Here’s a great article providing tips and tricks for greater success in SME Instrument applications:


Strategic Marketing Review completed for Red Box Direct

As an approved consultant for Enterprise Ireland, we regularly work with companies and EI to develop the strategic marketing capability of Irish SMEs that are successfully trading internationally, but are looking to expand their international client base.

We’ve just completed a Strategic Marketing Review process for Dublin, Hong Kong and Boston-based company Red Box Direct, who specialise in setting up sales offices in Europe, Asia and the US at low cost and low risk.

Read our full story here.


Is relying on English good enough?

Multilingual communication as a tool for export growth… By Giovanni Giusti via Irish Exporters Association.

‘If exports are an important part of your growth plan, you need to be able to communicate with your customers in their language.

One of the differences between successful and less-than-successful export companies is the level of thought and consideration given to language and communication. Of course, English is widely-spoken around the world, and it is often referred to as the language of international commerce, but is relying on English really good enough?’

Read the full article here.


National Export Campaign & National Export Hub

Today the Irish Exporters Association together with ABP Ireland, AIB, DHL Express, Euler Hermes and PwC are launching the National Export Campaign and National Export Hub in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Enterprise Ireland

Exportise are at hand to offer export consultancy advice to the SMEs.


Export start guide

We at Exportise are very impressed with the recently launched Export Start Guide, a joint initiative developed by Invest Northern Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, which guides businesses on the road to exporting – Export Start Guide.

It highlights the benefits of exporting and includes practical advice on selling internationally, along with real-world case studies taken from the experiences of companies that are already successful in overseas markets.

The approach advocated is totally in line with how we at Exportise work with our clients, particularly on the Export Planning side and the implementation of such plans. We hope it encourages many to consider exporting – and maybe also give us a call to assist them.


December has been busy

December has been busy for Exportise, and we’re delighted to have three new clients coming on stream for the New Year, in the business outsourcing, plastics moulding and cabling sectors.
We’ll be assisting them to expand their international client base. We’re looking forward to bringing you more news on this in 2015!


Exportise in EI’s Strategic Marketing Review Programme

Exportise have recently started a new consulting process with one of Enterprise Ireland’s client companies as part of their Strategic Marketing Review Programme – click here for the Programme details.

We’re delighted to be applying our marketing and export consulting skills in yet another programme supporting Irish SMEs.


Export-friendly Budget

Broad welcome from the Irish Exporters’s Association for an export-friendly Budget2015, but more is needed to get the SME sector really going again…

Read the full media release here: IEA Post Budget 2015 Statement


New clients, new projects 2014

Dublin-based export consultancy Exportise has secured a substantial client base of Irish manufacturing and service SMEs in 2014, with whom it is working to secure international business as they venture into exporting for the first time, as well as assisting established exporters to expand into new markets and improve their sales processes.

To read the full article, please click here.


exportise digital marketing services

Delighted to be working with Exportise client Propak Health on the development and rollout of their digital marketing strategy. We’ll be working with Jim and his team to raise the profile of the company online, particularly internationally, through SEO, email, social media and more.

As Irish B2B SMEs look to develop their export business, the online image they present internationally becomes more important and we’re excited to be part of this aspect of Propak’s development


Top 250 exporters in 2013

The Irish Exporters Association together with Investec Ireland revealed the top 250 exporting companies of 2013 in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The figures showed that the ICT (Information Communications Technology) and Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors triumphed overall.

Software manufacturer and designer Microsoft was named the largest exporting company, moving up one place from its previous year’s ranking. It was followed closely by Google (2nd), Johnson & Johnson (3rd) and Dell (4th).

To read the full article, click through to the Irish Exporters Association page here.


The best B2B marketing practices

We at exportise strongly agree with this post about the digital marketing possibilities for Business to Business (B2B) businesses, particularly exporting SMEs.

The challenge is even greater in the B2B environment, where there is potentially less creative scope than Business to Consumer (B2C) affords.

To read the full article follow this link.


Tips for your pay-per-click advertising campaigns

As digital marketing is becoming more and more important in international business development, we in Exportise found this article very useful.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are a great way to attract attention to your business, and can really help convert browsers into buyers.

Read the full Business Post article here.


The status of the Irish export market, first quarter 2012, May 2012

The Irish export markets grew at a rate of 3.6% in the first quarter of the year, but the increase fell just short on the levels required to create new jobs. Service exports were the strongest performer by increasing by 8.1%, while merchandise exports only rose by 0.1%.

Irish exports to the UK increased by 19% in the quarter but exports to China fell by 5%, hopefully this will change with the export government agreements between Ireland and China. The highest export growth seen was 32% in both the Russian and Brazilian markets. (Statistics by The Irishtimes May 2012)

Exportise can help your business expand into the international market and thus helping to rise the markets growth rate to the level required for job creation.

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